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We Are One Worldwide

Dawn 2023

We are excited to announce the dawn of a new collaborative initiative that aims to foster cross-cultural dialogue and exchange through shared music experiences and initiatives. Through this initiative, we hope to celebrate the diversity and richness of musical traditions around the world, as well as to promote mutual understanding and respect among different communities.

Join us in this musical journey and discover the power of music to bridge gaps and bring people together.

Mission Statement

The mission and core values statements of “We Are One Worldwide” reflect the organization’s dedication to assisting in the efforts to fight women’s breast cancer and create affordable housing for the masses, facing an ever-changing world with hopes of fostering unity, equality, and positive change globally. Here are the detailed statements:

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We Are One
Worldwide Members

Chief Dr. Lance Jones Sr.


William “Mickey” Stevenson

Executive Board Member
A&R Motown

Chiquita D Felder -Stephenson


Chadwick Carlisle

Chief IT Marketing Communications Officer

Perry Barrino

Motown’s Barrino Brothers and talented Barrino family. Fantasia, KC & Jojo, Antony Hamilton

Don Maxwell